Striving for More

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“You can practice the spirit of magis and still come in last place,” says Joe Paprocki, National Consultant for Faith Formation at Loyola Press. Paprocki uses athletes as an example of striving for more in this video introducing St. Ignatius Loyola’s idea of magis.


  1. Thanks Joe for the nice reflection and explanation. Let’s praise and thank the Giver of all life and all gifts.

  2. This was a gem of a video – thank you Joe – I’m a Pastorsl Associate and am on line preparing more than 40 youngsters for Confirmation / I am going to encourage each one of them with this message – thank you – and the Holy Spirit for guiding me to listen and learn about ‘magis’ . Thank goodness

  3. Giver of all goods…God our heavenly father. Yes, when we are using the gifts God has bestowed us actually we are praising him..we are acknowledging him ..we are thanking him…we are in no competion ..but just using our unique creativity..for the benefit of each one of god’s children.
    So why do we hesitate or shy away to find those gifts and use it..

    Thanks everyone for bringing alive our god’s creativity…let’s together make the world we live a better place …a peaceful paradise.


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