Conversing with Mary Through Colloquy

Eric Gurash found the colloquy form of prayer “a grace-filled gift to [his] prayer life.” Initially doubtful of starting with Mary, Gurash changed his mind when he allowed himself to enter into colloquy: I pictured Mary before me and began expressing the needs and desires of my heart. Much to my surprise, our conversation flowed with great ease. As I spoke with our Blessed Mother, she helped me to see in a new light the […]

Listening for God in Colloquy

Ignatian spirituality offers us a variety of prayer tools to help us listen for God. One of these Ignatian prayer tools that I turn to frequently is the triple colloquy, which is introduced in the First Week of the Spiritual Exercises, when we are meditating on sin. A colloquy is simply an intimate conversation. In the Spiritual Exercises, it is offered as a way of having an intimate conversation with Mary, with Jesus, and with […]

What Is Your Image of God?

Recently, I had an enlightening conversation with friends about how we envision God. It’s a really interesting question, because how we imagine God determines how we relate to God. For instance, if I see God as an old, bearded man on a cloud, I will find it pretty difficult to relate to him. I’m not really well-versed in talking with old men who live on clouds and, in fact, I don’t know anyone who lives […]

Colloquy: Conversing with God

What is a colloquy? I’ll let Kevin O’Brien, SJ, explain: A colloquy is an intimate conversation between you and God the Father, between you and Jesus, or between you and Mary or one of the saints. It often occurs at the end of a prayer period, but it can take place at any time. Let this conversation naturally develop in your prayer. In the colloquy, we speak and listen as the Spirit moves us: expressing […]

Driving with Jesus

Here’s an idea for prayer from Lisa Kelly. She often drives home from work with Jesus in the passenger seat. The two have a colloquy: At times I imagine Christ somewhat sarcastically calling me out on my complaints, “Really? You thought that was sooo bad?” “I know. You are right,” I reply and instantly my priorities are reshuffled and my anxieties are smothered in awareness of the goodness I have around me. More often than not […]

A Conversation with Christ

For Good Friday, pray this colloquy from The Spiritual Exercises 53. This is a contemporary paraphrase by David L. Fleming, SJ. I put myself before Jesus Christ our Lord, present before me on the cross. I talk to him about how he creates because he loves and then he is born one like us out of love, so emptying himself as to pass from eternal life to death here in time, even death on a […]