On Faith Free Mini-Posters

“We must enter into the adventure of the quest for meeting God; and we must let God search and encounter us.” “If we allow ourselves to be guided by what seems more comfortable…we accumulate no reserve of oil for the lamp of our faith.” “Faith is not fearful of reason.” Download free mini-posters with these and other quotes from On Faith by Pope Francis. These posters are inspiring additions to a refrigerator door or an […]

Wonder and Faith

“Faith is not fearful of reason.” —Pope Francis, in On Faith Every morning, I walk my son through the hallway of my school on his way to kindergarten next door. And often somewhere along the journey, he discovers a new machine that fascinates him. One morning, it was the printer. “Mom, what’s this white machine?” he asked. “A printer,” I replied. He went on to ask me about every piece of the printer, from the […]

Landscape, History, and Faith

My husband and I recently toured Morocco for two weeks. We were with a small group of people, a guide, and a driver. I recommend this mode of tourism in a country whose language you don’t speak. This trip was a years-long dream for me, and I was not disappointed. Our guide was Berber, having grown up in a village in the Atlas Mountains. He was also Muslim, and it was a great gift to […]

How to Recognize Jesus

How to recognize Jesus: Listen to whatever clues you’re given. For instance, angels told the shepherds to look in a certain town and a certain kind of place. They even mentioned swaddling clothes. So . . . it helps to listen to what others have said about Jesus—from the accounts in the New Testament Gospels to the testimonies of people here and now who have encountered him. Word of mouth means something, and the sacred […]

Little Gestures

Eight years ago, when I came back from making the 30-day retreat, a friend sent me an article about the Spiritual Exercises which featured an arresting still from the film The Mission, in which a priest tied to a cross is sent careening over a waterfall. What had I gotten myself into, she wondered. Perhaps that was one of the reasons I made the Exercises, I told her, to grasp more deeply what I was […]

Are We All Elijah?

When Jesus raised the widow of Nain’s son (Luke 7:11–17), his Jewish listeners must’ve remembered Elijah, who raised a widow’s son during a visit to Zarephath (1 Kings 17:17–24). Life and death miracles aren’t relegated to biblical history or extraordinary prophets. Fr. Dan Looney in Sacramento tells about the night last November, after a meeting in the church, when a violent pounding assaulted the church door. Theresa, the last volunteer in the church with Fr. […]

Dude, You Can’t Fail!

My e-mail inbox is peppered with requests from Jesuit advocates on a variety of issues, often asking for me to take action. Ignatian spirituality promotes “faith that does justice.” We are formed to be contemplatives in action. Our regular prayerful conversation with Christ and meditation on his life is the motivation for our action and opens our eyes to Christ’s presence in our daily activity. And yet so many times I find myself thinking, What’s […]

On the Edge of Faith

This Second Week of Easter we encounter Nicodemus in the Gospels—a man who is drawn to Jesus, but never fully steps across the threshold of faith. Nicodemus lives on the edge of faith. Parallel to Nicodemus in the Scriptures this week, we see Peter and John filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking the Word of God with boldness (Acts 4:23–31). We also see the apostles who bore witness to the Resurrection of the Lord […]

The Faith of a Child and the Wisdom of Her Mother

Every week at Mass, we sit in front of a family with three small children. There are not a lot of children that go to our Mass time, so these children are quite popular and very much loved by many of us who attend the same Mass every week. The oldest is in preschool now, and through her short years she has said the most adorable and sometimes insightful things during Mass. From what she […]

A Faith That Disturbs

Being a graduate student of theology means I’ve been encountering questions that directly challenge the solid faith I’ve come to grow into over the years. In my studies I’ve learned that the Church has changed and developed drastically over time, even in just the last century. What we consider to be a long-standing tradition may not have always been. Popes used to be married. Bishops’ roles today are far different than they were in the […]

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