A Social Justice Retreat

On Monday, November 1, the Jesuit Refugee Service/USA will begin an online retreat that links the Spiritual Exercises to the plight of refugees and vulnerable migrants.  The retreat marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Jesuit Refugee Service.  Go to the JRS/USA home page on Monday to begin the retreat. The Jesuit Refugee Service  assists refugees and other displaced persons in 57 countries.

Make an Online Retreat

If you would like to make a retreat, but can’t get away for a weekend at a Jesuit retreat house, take a look at the online retreats offered by the team at Creighton Online Ministries.  You can choose from among retreats by Larry Gillick, SJ, Dennis Hamm, SJ, Jim Kubicki, SJ, Rob Kroll, SJ, and Kevin Schneider, SJ.  They are MP3 recordings of half-hour conferences given at weekend retreats in the last couple of years. […]

Getting Unplugged

I was struck by the post here last week “Solitude in a World of iPad Apps” about an article by Fr. Jim Martin, SJ.  On the day it was posted here, I was ending an 8 day silent retreat at the Jesuit Retreat House in Colorado.  When I first arrived on retreat, I followed my usual routine and left my muted phone plugged in my room so I could check in with my husband and […]


Ignatius Loyola strides through the snow at the Jesuit Retreat House in Wernersville, Pennsylvania.  Photo by the Law and Gospel blogger.  Go here for more on Ignatian retreats.

Shared Silence

I am on retreat with some 40 Boston College students. For five days, we are keeping silence together and attending to the mystery of God. During a meeting with other guides, an older Jesuit remarked that those who shared the long retreat–30 days in silence–emerge as lifelong friends, even without having spoken to each other. I believe I understand why. Contemplating the mystery of God in silence is like gazing together at the transfigured Jesus. Sharing such a […]

The Spiritual Exercises and Ignatian Work

Maureen Waldron of Creighton University thinks that Jesuits should make special efforts to expand the ministry of the Spiritual Exercises to include the lay people who work in Jesuit/Ignatian ministries. “Freely offering them the Exercises, will support partners in ministry in exploring more deeply the roots of Ignatian spirituality and help them have a clearer understanding of the spirit and mission of these shared ministries,” she writes. Read the whole thing. Waldron, who blogs here […]

What the Spiritual Exercises Do

The Exercises give us the confidence that grows from personal experience, says Jim Conroy, SJ, on Busted Halo.  “It gives to men and women who have that experience of God the ability to speak out of that truth of their experience. It’s not what Father said or what Sister said; it’s what I know from my own relationship with God. Now that’s all informed by our theology and by our faith, but to have legitimate […]

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