Social Media Examen

Have you ever found yourself using social media, wondering: Why do I hesitate to read comments on a news article? Why am I stuck wondering what sparked someone’s Facebook discussion? Why do I linger on infuriating Tweets? Why do I walk away from social media at times, feeling exhausted, angry, or less myself? Is this even good for me? Jesuit Post contributors Ken Homan, SJ, and Colten Biro, SJ, have asked those questions and suggest […]

Becky Eldredge Social Media Takeover

Becky Eldredge will be a familiar name to regular readers of dotMagis. Spiritual director, retreat facilitator, and writer, Becky has been a long-time contributor to this blog. Now’s your chance to meet her at a special Facebook event, Monday, February 13, 2017. From 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. CST, Becky will be hosting a “Social Media Takeover” and acting as the voice of Loyola Press’s Ignatian Spirituality Facebook channel. She will appear on Facebook LIVE […]

Ignatius’s Presupposition and Intent in a Social Media Comment

The words stared back at me from my Facebook page, taunting me and complimenting me all at once. I had just returned from a road trip to a football game in my home town with some old friends. The team I was cheering for happens to be the rival team to the city in which I live now. Upon my posting pictures from the game, an acquaintance commented, “You’re awesome, Cara, seriously awesome.” Unfortunately, with […]

Primo Tweet del Papa

Last week Pope Benedict sent his first tweet using his account @pontifex.  A video of the event is making the rounds, and it struck me as both significant and humorous.  It’s certainly a milestone to see the church adopting new media.  It’s also funny to watch Benedict’s handlers treating an iPad like a sacred object, and applauding as the papal index finger touches the screen.  The Pope doesn’t know his way around an iPad yet. […]

Love One Another–Online and Off

Earlier this week I found myself in a phone conversation with someone with over a decade of experience in  church leadership. Yes, we were on the phone talking about social media, which just underscores my perpetual point about choosing communication tools wisely and well. Among other things, she was concerned about  the questionable quality of interaction among Christians that sometimes shows up on social media. “It’s much too snarky, too negative,” she said.  My response? “Please […]

Blog-alogue Final Question: Time for Social Media?

Meredith, Alas, it’s time to bring our blog-alogue about social media to a close.  I think it’s been entertaining and thoroughly informative, and many followers of this blog feel the same way, judging by the many comments we’ve had to these posts.  We’re not finished with the subject by any means; you’ll be posting about social media here in the future.  But I’m going to end the blog-alogue part of it with one final question. […]

Blog-alogue Fifth Question: Models for Social Media?

Meredith, Easter greetings!  I wish you the joy of the season. In this blog-alogue we’ve talked about “why” of social media, and last time you described some of the tools–the “how.”  Now I’d like to ask about “where.”  Can you point us to organizations that have used social media  particularly well?  I’m especially interested in places where it’s used to build a community among people with common spiritual interests. Jim ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jim, And also with […]

Blog-alogue Fourth Question: What Tools Should We Use?

Meredith, In this blog-alogue we’ve been talking mainly about the why of social media.  Why it’s important, what you can do with it.  There seem to be new social media tools emerging every day.  My question is about getting started. I began with blogging.  Is there another way to get started with social media? What do you need to know about yourself to get started with these tools? Jim ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jim, Not only do new […]

Blog-alogue Third Question: What Would Ignatius Do?

Meredith, I had a thought after reading your answer to my last question in this blog-alogue about social media.  You talked about using social media to enhance our relationship with God and to help us serve and support others.  I thought that this was a very “Ignatian” attitude. We like all things Ignatian here at, so how about giving us an Ignatian take on social media.  Can we use it to advance Ignatian values […]

Blog-alogue Second Question: What about Lent?

Meredith, Yesterday was Ash Wednesday!  Here I am, still getting used to the Kindle I got for Christmas, and Lent is here.  Can the Fourth of July be far behind? My question has to do with Lent — in a way.  Last week, when we started our blog-alogue about using social media, you urged us to think conceptually about social media instead of worrying about technical details.  Look at what we can do before talking […]

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