God Receives Us

The Ignatian Suscipe begins with the words, “Take, Lord, and receive…” This prayer then goes on to offer oneself to God. The Suscipe is a prayer of surrender. We might think about what we are doing on our end when surrendering (or resisting surrender): what parts of our lives we give to God or hold back; what aspects of ourselves we disclose or hide (perhaps even from ourselves); and whether we are free around matters […]

Light and Contemplation

You might spend time outside on a sunny day, seeing the sunlight illuminating everything, feeling its warmth on your body, and imagining how God is creating and bathing you in love. Again, tell God what’s in your mind and heart. This kind of contemplation can lead us to want to love God with our whole mind and heart and soul, to become the friend God wants us to be. Ignatius suggests a prayer that may […]

Take, Lord, Receive, My Work and Career

I work in an office where the pace is breakneck speed. I pray during my morning commute, but pride kicks in as I park: “See you at noon, God. I’ve got things covered.” Then I read the Suscipe. Uh, oh. Do I mean it? I pray, “Take, Lord, receive, well, most of me. Can I hang on to this area—and that—while I ‘let you’ take care of the rest?” So I’m taking an incremental approach […]

Trouble with the Suscipe

Zoe Romanowsky, lifestyle editor and video content curator for Aleteia, admits not being able to pray with sincerity the Suscipe, or “Take, Lord, Receive” prayer of St. Ignatius. She goes through the lines of the prayer with a running commentary of the thoughts the prayer evokes, beginning with: Take, Lord, receive all my liberty, All of it, Lord? How about just a little? I mean, it’s my liberty, which sort of means my freedom, and […]

My Mother’s Suscipe

My mother, Rosemary Mulligan McCann, was a brilliant woman, and it was particularly hard for us to watch as Alzheimer’s seeped her brilliance from her. When St. Ignatius encourages us to be detached or indifferent to an outcome or a decision, he knows detachment leads to a freedom which will bring us closer to God. When I think of that kind of freeing detachment, I often think of my mother’s last years. Over those difficult […]

Take, Lord, Receive Song

Today we have a musical break. The artist is Paul Melley, and the song is based on the Suscipe, or “Take, Lord, Receive” prayer. Free Electronic Press Kits template from ReverbNation.com If you’re receiving this via e-mail, click through to listen to “Take, Lord, Receive.”

Five Fresh Ideas for Renewing Prayer

Prayer is a cherished time to come to know God and to reflect, yet prayer can become rote. Even if we do pray daily we may at times find it fruitless or notice impatience within ourselves. Cultivating prayer routines is very valuable, but sometimes we need to shake up our prayer a bit. Like any relationship that needs rekindling, our relationship with God may need some freshness. Here are five fresh ideas for renewing your […]

Trusting God

Rebecca Ruiz writes that the Suscipe (“Take, Lord, Receive” prayer) has helped her to trust God. She says, “”¦when we really trust Him and allow Him to work, in His time, He makes things happen that are better and beyond anything we could plan – even with detailed lists and hours of planning.” The full post is at the Encourage & Teach blog of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington. Are you a planner? Has the […]

When St. Ignatius and John Legend Mash-up

For the last week, I’ve had a mash-up of St. Ignatius and R&B singer John Legend stuck in my ear. The Suscipe— “Whatsoever I have or hold, you have given me. I give it all back to you”¦”—fades into the spare percussive chords of Legend’s “All of Me”: “I’ll give my all to you. You’re my end and my beginning. Even when I lose I’m winning,” and finally winds back to Ignatius and John singing […]

New Eyes of Gratitude, Grace, and Freedom

Recently a post written by Glennon Doyle Melton at her blog Momastery spread like wildfire through my Facebook newsfeed. The post, “Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt,” resonated deeply with me and the other women who were sharing it because it spoke straight to the heart about our tendency to want to keep up with trends. Upon going to bed one night, Melton prayed, “I need new eyes.” She awoke the next morning with […]

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