The Rooms of St. Ignatius

Here is a wonderful virtual tour of the rooms of St. Ignatius in Rome.  He lived and worked in these rooms for almost 20 years as the first Superior General of the Jesuits.  Much of the sound track for the video is the lovely “Gabriel’s Oboe” from the movie “The Mission,” the best movie ever made about Jesuits. 


  1. Thank you. The painting of the Holy Family and John the Baptist brought me to tears. God’s grace abounds on my journey closer to Him. Thanks be to God.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I found it very moving to see these rooms. If not for Ignatius’ life, my life would have been very different. He and the Jesuits that followed, helped point the way for me to have a deeper, richer experience of God. To see the place that he lived and died is very profound. Thank you!

  3. I was Blessed enough to visit the un-restored rooms of St. Ignatius, many years ago, it was amazing how much he acheived in such a small and humble (as it was then ) little space. It teaches us all that properties
    and things are not so important, God is first, and everything else comes after.

  4. This is so moving. Just watching it, I felt as I did several summers ago when I was finishing my 19th Annotation retreat and visited the Chapel of the Martyrs in Paris, located on a road below Sacre’ Coeur in Paris, where the first Jesuits made their first vows among themselves. (I wrote about it here:
    I have often had the sense that, in the Exercises and in some of his letters, Ignatius was writing to me, a Protestant woman living on another continent 450 years later ~ and indeed, his words and guidance have come to me through his Jesuit sons. How amazing to see the desk at which he worked and the rooms in which he spent his time.
    Are St. Ignatius’ rooms in Rome ever open to the general public?


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