The Train and the Nativity

toy trainTony Agnesi remembers his Christmas train, which taught him a lifelong lesson about selflessness. The story also makes him think about the Nativity.

I have always wondered that not a single man or woman in Bethlehem was willing to give up their bed for a pregnant woman who was about to give birth.

Not one!

It says something about how we can see a need and just ignore it. I’m comfortable in my bed, it is sad that my savior has to be born in a manger.

I wonder what would happen if you posed this question to a six-year old at Christmas. “If you knew that Mary had nowhere to go to have her baby, would you be willing to give them your bed for a night so Jesus could be born comfortably?”

At this season, how are you thinking about the birth of Jesus with a different perspective?


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