Thoughts for January 1

Mary and child carving via Pixabay

This is the octave day of Christmas, dedicated as a solemnity to Mary, the Holy Mother of God. The Gospel invites us to join the shepherds as they visit the newborn child in Bethlehem, and to share in their wonder and joy. Have our celebrations over the Christmas season brought us closer to Jesus and his mother? Or have we found it difficult to find oases of quiet time in which to enter deeply into the mystery of it all?

We cannot but be aware that this is also New Year’s Day. How do we feel about entering a new phase of our journey through life? Are we in an expectant and hopeful mood, or are we apathetic or despondent? Whatever our feelings may be, it would be good to share them with God and ask his blessing on the days and months ahead.

—Excerpted from Sacred Space: The Prayer Book 2021 by the Irish Jesuits

Image by Hans Rohmann from Pixabay.


  1. May all on Planet Earth ‘our common home’ experience joy, peace, happiness and solidarity in 2021 and beyond. Happy New Year.

  2. It has been difficult for me to find quiet time this Christmas with extended family visiting. However, we find Christ in busyness as well as quiet. Or rather, He finds us. As we enter a new year we can be encouraged by the loving faithfulness of God, ever present to us.

  3. I’m grateful for all the gifts and blessings I received in 2020. I look forward to the 2021 journey ahead with hope and joy one day at a time knowing that Jesus is with me through it all.


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