Tour of the Rooms of St. Ignatius

Take a tour of the rooms of St. Ignatius in Rome with this video featuring Michael W. Maher, SJ. The video is almost 23 minutes, and it in Fr. Maher shares information about Rome at the time of Ignatius and the history of how the rooms survived a devastating flood. He then walks viewers through the rooms and points out artifacts from the years St. Ignatius lived in Rome.

If you’re receiving this via e-mail, click through to watch the video Tour of the Rooms of St. Ignatius.

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  1. Thanks for this. What is happening at the end? A church service with a painting that moves down and then there’s a statue of St. Ignatius? Where is this and what’s happening?

  2. The video was great and the music perfect for reflecting. However. Only 3/4 showed and I would like to see it whole.

  3. I was so moved to be able to observe the actual place that Ignatius lived and worked and to see his writings and other artifacts so close up. Thank you so much for the beautiful and touching video as well as historical facts. God bless all involved.

  4. I am not a ignatian follower. In fact I come from a La Sallian tradition. In Manila, La Salle and Ateneo (Ignatius) are rivals and competitors. But yes I am grateful for the background and explanation behind the spiritual exercises and the examen. Thanks for making it come alive through this tour.

  5. Dearest Friends; I loved the video ‘Tour of the Rooms of St. Ignatius’ tremendously. Next year (2016), God willing, my son and I will visit Rome. I certainly plan to visit the House of Gesu. Thanks again for this wonderful ‘treat’. God bless all of you, DORIS

  6. thanks for the beautiful presentation and the deep insight on the life of st ignatius and making it possible to see from my working desk, the guiding and comentary of father Michael was fantastic.
    It was very touching, inspiring and thought provoking how God acted in St Ignatius to leave us with this beautiful heritage of EXAMEN and to follow his footstep to reach God closer. God bless you all.


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