Uncertainty Can Free Us

John Shea, SJ, reflects on randomness, God’s plans, and evolution in the Jesuit Post. Uncertainty allows us “to find beauty in the ‘cracks’ and ‘spills’ of a seemingly random life.”

It invites us into an experience of God that we may have never considered. When we let God break out of our box of preconceptions, we are reminded that God is bigger, more beautiful, and more surprising than we could ever have planned for or predicted.


  1. I am minded of the John Newman prayer that ends with
    He does nothing in vain…
    He knows what He is about…
    And a line in the middle
    I can never be thrown away.

  2. This is so true. In times of uncertainty in my own life when I have been at an utter loss to comprehend a situation, unable to figure out what I should do (if anything) next, I have been surprised to see God at work, taking charge, providing the opportunities, the escape routes. It is one thing to say “I believe”, quite another to witness the power of God in action, always real and near to me. These experiences never cease to put me in my place, reminding me of the greatness of God.


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