Waiting in the Dark

My sister and her husband, who live in Oregon, had their inaugural bike ride of the season yesterday. She wrote that the sun was shining, daffodils are up and blooming, crocus fields are thriving and it was 65 degrees as they rounded the road on their way home.

It is in contrast to the unusually harsh winter we are having here in Omaha, with more snow coming down again. I want to protest: I live in Nebraska, not North Dakota, Minnesota or Wisconsin! I will readily admit that I lack the hardiness of my brothers and sisters who live farther north.

But I’m really not discouraged with this long and challenging winter. It feels like the cliché but apt analogy for Lent. It’s snowing outside my office window as I write and more is on the way this weekend. Six weeks from now, at the end of Lent, I know Spring and new life are coming. Just now, I can picture the daffodil bulbs hidden away under 12+ inches of snow on the ground, just waiting and resting in the darkness, as are we.

Jesus, come to us in our darkness. Help us in these early days of Lent to see what you want to give us in these weeks. Help us to respond to the pull of your love, drawing us up out of our bulbs of fear and safety, growing toward the light of your love.


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