A Week of Gratitude: Three Things I’m Thankful for

Week of GratitudeEditor’s note: This week we celebrate a pre-Thanksgiving Week of Gratitude, with Loyola Press authors sharing reflections on gratitude each day. Kerry originally shared this reflection on the People for Others blog in 2014.For midnight conversations with my siblings, long after we should have gone to bed; for friends who know and nod; for the lady on the subway who lends an ear; for coworkers who look up from their computers when I have a question; for God’s willingness to put up with all of my worries and complaints: I’m grateful for people who truly listen.For the old, creaky wood floors and the chipped paint; for the plaster falling from the ceiling and the hissing radiators; for the neighbors who never smile and the ones that always do; for the many flights of stairs and the warm light from thrift-store lamps; for the meals cooked on the giant stove, and the secondhand couch upon which friends crowd: I’m grateful for an apartment that feels like home.For the view of the Connecticut coast that flies by as the train rolls along the tracks at sunset; for the stop signs and streetlights; for the green, rolling hills; for the bike rides that take longer than expected and that wind around horse pastures and by fruit stands; for the subway cars filled with mariachi singers; for the walks that go nowhere in particular: I’m grateful for the journey.


  1. I am grateful for every moment of my life. I am truly blessed by the abundance that has been placed before me. I am grateful for my children, my wonderful grandchildren whom I cannot do without, my spouse who is always so loving, kind and generous. For each day that I wake up I am grateful. Thank you for my life

  2. I am grateful for my washer and dryer. I really didn’t like those years when I had to use a laundry mat–although back then I was grateful for a car to drive there and back and for enough money to have clothes to wash. I am grateful that I could have children. I am grateful that I can see, hear, smell, touch, feel, think and am mobile.

  3. Yes. I agree. I am grateful for my family; a husband that dotes on me and 3 beautiful boys. God has blessed me.
    But right now, though, my heart breaks for my sis. Missing her terribly.
    Am I grateful for her? You bet. Our sister relationship was a beautiful one. But, my, it hurts loving someone and then they go away.
    Sending out prayers for families that they find love and mercy in their relationships and be grateful for them each and every day.

  4. I’m grateful for life, for my children and their families. I’m grateful for my grandson Augustinas who will be Baptised this Saturday. I’m grateful for evry morning and evry day.
    I’m grateful for my friends with whom I can talk and share about miracles of God in my life.
    God bless you all, Violeta, Lithuania

  5. Gratitude can be elusive. Am I really grateful, or am I “faking it,” because it’s expected? My own gratitude extends to an inquiring mind and the intellectual horsepower to go with it; my late bride of 46 years, who was much better at the wife thing than was at the other (I am learning all the things she tried to teach this stubborn Irish man); even more, I am grateful that God saw fit to give back my sight, and then, my life, and now a great dissatisfaction in this mortal life that drives me toward Himself and the life that will be perfect.

  6. Thank you for reminding me; Beautiful Sunsets, Wonderful night sky, a few faithful friends, saw the very bright moon (Closest to the earth in ???? Years) No, it was not huge(as people were expecting) Very Very Bright, once the clouds got out of the way at 4 a.m. ;where I live! Mostly, thankful for my true friend Jesus,: the divine three; don’t know how I could cope without them. A.M.D.G. OH! very, very thankful to Loyola Press and the wonderful writers like you Kerry.

  7. I am grateful for my son who stays in contact with me. I am grateful for my Faith, I couldn’t handle daily struggles without it. I am grateful to God for the long life I have had and continue to have.


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