What to Do about Intrigues and Lies

Ignatius Loyola, writing to a friend who said that lies that are being circulated about him:I am not at all surprised at this, not even if it were worse than it is.  For just as soon as you determined to bend every effort to secure the praise, honor, and service of God our Lord, you declared war against the world. You our Lord, you declared war against the world. . . .

If we wish absolutely to live in honor and to be he in esteem by our neighbors, we can never be solidly rooted in God our Lord, and it will be impossible for us to remain unscathed when we meet their affronts.

My prayer for you is that you accept these affronts with patience and constancy. Remember the insults that Christ our Lord suffered for us.

I would rather fix my attention on one fault that I had committed than on all the evil that might be said of me.


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