Writing as a Co-Creative Act with God

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Author Becky Eldredge talks about writing as a co-creative act with God and its connection to the Contemplation on the Love of God, the meditation at the end of the Spiritual Exercises. While Becky acknowledges some of the many other ways we co-create with God, such as landscaping or cooking, she says, “It’s such a powerful spiritual journey, I think, to write.”

This video is the second part of a conversation with Becky about what surprises her as an Ignatian writer. Watch part one.

Becky is the author of Busy Lives & Restless Souls and The Inner Chapel.


  1. Thanks Becky and Denise. Communicating through writing the Good News of liberation, emancipation, empowerment, fellow feeling, solidarity, justice, mercy, compassion, and God’s love is a humble exercise in worldbuilding.

  2. a joyful surprise to come upon this mini-interview, Becky & Denise – thoughtful, grounded, heart-stirring!
    Hmm – co-creating with God …

  3. Congratulations Becky on your recent award and for the opportunity to see you and listen to you speak on this podcast! I am a life-long journaler and writer of story, poems, etc. knowing that it was a creative endeavor; however, hearing that writing is a co-creative act with God affirms the nudge/reason for me to complete the book I began a while ago. Thank You and Bless you!


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