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    Annunciation center panel - photo by Daniëlle Molenaar from Pexels

    The Mystery of the Incarnation

    In the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola, retreatants imagine the mystery of the Incarnation. They take time to picture the Trinity looking over...
    grayscale tree seen from below - original color photo by Artur Debat/Moment RF/Getty Images

    A Week to Consider Mystery

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween—I was one of those children who scared easily and who did not enjoy being scared. But...
    Finding God in the Mess Lenten Read-Along

    Finding God in the Mess Lenten Read-Along: Irrepressible Mystery

    Life itself is a mystery. And a glorious one at that! How did we get here? What is life all about? Wonderful mysteries! Perhaps in...
    sand running through fingers - photo by Forrest Cavale on Unsplash

    Mystery and Imagination

    Indeed, the past is present in us now. All of us in our identity are constituted by all the experiences we have ever had....

    God as Mystery, God as Neighbor

    Yesterday was a normal day, just like any other, but for some reason I woke up and was jolted with some unexpected thoughts about...
    camels in desert in Morocco at sunset - photo by Mehdi El marouazi on Unsplash

    At the Edge of the Desert

    The high point of our tour through Morocco was always meant to be the camel ride in the desert. The trip was designed that way;...
    hand shielding sun over water - photo by Steve Pehanich

    Reflecting God

    I strive for distractions-free prayer spaces, and I was sure the stateroom balcony on our once-in-a-lifetime cruise would be such a place. A monotonous...
    cast-iron heart - photo by Drazen Nesic on Pixnio

    Word for the New Year: Love

    As we begin a new year, I pray, as I do every year, for God to reveal to me something he’d like me to...
    collectible trading cards - photo by Caleb Oquendo on Pexels

    Collecting Past and Present

    There’s a tiny games and hobbies shop off the highway near my house. I have to make at least one U-turn to find it....
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    Prepare My Heart

    God my creator, and the one who loves my soul, prepare my awareness for the Advent days ahead so that I can dwell in every moment with...