A Morning Offering

A Morning Offering - sunriseWhile on retreat this past summer, I spent a good deal of time praying for the grace of indifference and asking for the freedom to align my will more closely to God’s own will. Along the way, I read in Hearts on Fire: Praying with Jesuits several versions of a Morning Offering, a prayer that offers one’s upcoming day to God. Inspired, I wrote my own version. Elements of it are based on Ignatius’s Suscipe; Psalm 119:10; and Therese of Lisieux’s image of coming to God with empty hands at life’s end.

As I look forward to face
Whatever the day may bring,
Joy or sorrow,
Health or sickness,
Success or failure,
Laughter or tears,
I recall your love for us,
Your faithful friendship to the entire world
And to me, personally.
Let me stray not from your commands.
Let me never be far from your heart.
Help me to share the gifts that I receive with all
And to see your face in all my brothers and sisters.
At the end of the day may I return to you
And surrender the day’s work, love, heartaches, and joy
With open hands and open heart.

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Marina Berzins McCoy
Marina Berzins McCoy is a professor at Boston College, where she teaches philosophy and in the BC PULSE service-learning program. She is the author of The Ignatian Guide to Forgiveness and Wounded Heroes: Vulnerability as a Virtue in Ancient Greek Philosophy. She and her husband are the parents to two young adults and live in the Boston area.


  1. Thank you for such beautiful words.I can never manage to convey what I’m wanting to say with such simplicity and faith.
    I’m sitting in a place called Coatbridge in Scotland and I don’t know why or how but after I typed in St Ignation prayer up your sight came .
    The God of Surprises brought me to you during what we all find difficult days.Im so anxious and overwhelmed by our world of today for our young and families.
    I will try to get your books Marina it was a blessing to connect with you .

  2. Good morning Jesus,Mary and Joseph
    Thank you for directing me to this morning offering prayer
    Bless and grant the desires of the hearts of the persons that composed and have it shared to us
    Touch the persons that led them to this site with your tender care
    May we be united in your loving embrace

  3. Thank you for this beautiful prayer. It says everything I wanted to express but was unable to. I just found it today and will use it everyday. God bless.

  4. A beautiful and comforting prayer to start any day! Hope you don’t mind but I have made a copy in my journal! I think it could be easily adapted to a night or travel or even a time of “need,change or transformation.


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