Another Examen Video

A community of Christian youth workers released this video version of the Examen prayer. The text on each screen guides the reader through the prayer, with questions such as “When did I feel most alive today?” and “When did I feel most drained?”

If you’re receiving this via e-mail, click through to watch the video.


  1. The Examen prayer given was very helpful. I find it hard to be conscious of God’s presence the whole day, because of the many things we do during the day that do not directly point to God. But with the questions given, one can be helped to be more conscious of God’s presence. Thank you for this video.

  2. I like this format for the Examen, but at age 66, my prayer life and meditation attempts get bogged down with uneasiness in the silences. I feel like John Adams, the night before the final vote on Independence in the play “1776,” when he sits alone and sings: “Is Anybody There, Does Anybody Care?”
    By faith, I know that God does care, and I know that I am loved by Him, and any opening to Him in prayer and mediation is accepted and heard, but the silence is so unnerving and unsettling.
    When I was single, I had a former girlfriend who was as active as I was, and she claimed often that she could feel Jesus speaking to her in her prayer and meditation time, where I would feel nothing. I am still very active, with my wife of 28 years, in my parish but the silences in my spiritual life continue to trouble me, now that my professional career is over, and I keep asking Jesus for guidance.

  3. The Examen video by Christian youth workers is very powerful in its simplicity, its deliberate slowness and its great choice of accompanying music.
    Congratulations, I plan to watch The Examen regularly.


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