Best Ignatian Songs: I Dreamed a Dream

Right after she saw the movie Les Misérables, my daughter Sarah texted me: “Great movie. Bring Kleenex.” Right on both counts. Great movie. Les Miz is a profoundly Christian story of sacrifice, forgiveness, and redemption. The moviemakers didn’t camouflage the religious themes at all. In fact they underlined them, using big stars, superb cinematography, great music, and all the other tools of a big-time Hollywood production.

Sarah was right about the Kleenex too. I heard lots of sniffles and deep sighing during the film, especially when Anne Hathaway, playing the dying prostitute Fantine, sang “I Dreamed a Dream.” Grab your Kleenex. (Click here if you can’t see the video.)


  1. Yes , I agree that les Mis is a tear jerker and a deeply Christian story. I’m not sure why the song “I Dreamed a Dream”
    is considered a Jesuit song. I’m sure the connection is obvious- but I missed it . Best Jesuit song… where is the connection?
    Thank you!


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