Fourth of July

We are thankful to have a worldwide readership for dotMagis, but today those of us in the U.S.A. pause to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday. Here are a few summertime images to mark the day, courtesy of our sister blog, Picturing God. Where are you finding God this weekend? Don’t take a holiday from 31 Days with St. Ignatius. Today’s entry is I Love This Picture.

Retreat Starts Tomorrow and Other Lenten Notes

An Ignatian Prayer Adventure starts tomorrow! While you can make this online retreat at any time, beginning tomorrow (March 2, 2014) will provide you daily material that corresponds to the season and will lead you through Lent to Holy Week and Easter reflections. We shared a list of Lenten ideas a few days ago, but here are a few more options. offers seasonal resources for children and additional options for adults (including articles and […]

Film and Faith

In advance of the Academy Awards, Loyola Press is celebrating Film and Faith. One of the articles in the week-long series finds film critic Richard Leonard, SJ, looking at spiritual themes found in some of this year’s Oscar nominees. Read his article “The Top Spiritual Themes from Five Oscar Movies.” What’s your favorite movie with a spiritual theme?

Sherlock Holmes and Bernard Lonergan

After watching Sherlock and Elementary, two current television depictions of the famed detective Sherlock Holmes, Adam Hincks, SJ, states: In many ways, Sherlock Holmes’s methods of solving crime exemplifies the thought of a great Canadian Jesuit philosopher of the last century. Bernard Lonergan (1904-1984) believed that the key to solving many problems in philosophy, theology and other sciences is to grasp what we are actually doing when we come to know something. He explained that […]

Pre-Prans with Ruthie

Looking for a tasty fall snack or autumn beverage? This episode of Pre-Prans with Ruthie, the Ignatian cooking show, has some ideas. Host Ruthie Blacksea is also featured in the Food and Faith series from Loyola Press, where she tells us her favorite meal to cook and shares some thoughts about how cooking is prayerful. If you’re receiving this via e-mail, click through to watch the video Pre-Prans with Ruthie.

Finding God in the Kitchen

A Jesuit who is a professionally trained chef. A Catholic who found the Spiritual Exercises re-booted his health. A café run by former gang members. These are just a few of the stories presented in Loyola Press’s Food and Faith, a new series that celebrates the many ways Catholics express their faith through the culinary arts. The series covers a wide scope of the personal and public ways faith is shared through food. We hope […]

How Do You Get dotMagis?

Whether you read dotMagis in e-mail, a RSS reader, or visit the blog directly, we thank you for reading. But for those of you using Google Reader to access the site, please keep in mind that as of July 1, that tool won’t be available to you. To keep on reading dotMagis uninterrupted, you have two options—subscribe through a different RSS reader or directly through e-mail. Enter your e-mail address: Delivered by FeedBurner Subscribe now […]

INN Releases iPhone, iPad App

The Ignatian News Network (INN) has released a free app for Apple mobile devices that showcases its best videos and blog feeds. INN creates stories about social issues and news “viewed through an Ignatian lens,” and you can access these anytime from your iPhone or iPad. Recent stories focus on Pope Francis, life at Jesuit universities, and news from around the Society of Jesus. The app also delivers the latest updates from the ongoing series, […]

What They’re Saying about Pope Francis

Like you, I’ve been reading a lot of commentary about Pope Francis in the past week.  I thought I’d pass along four pieces that seem especially enlightening.  All four concern themselves with the question that I’m most interested in: What can we expect from a Jesuit pope? In “This Ignatian Franciscan Pope,” Tim Muldoon looks at the connection between Francis of Assisi and Ignatius Loyola. Ignatius’s order was an order of mission, with a special […]

Primo Tweet del Papa

Last week Pope Benedict sent his first tweet using his account @pontifex.  A video of the event is making the rounds, and it struck me as both significant and humorous.  It’s certainly a milestone to see the church adopting new media.  It’s also funny to watch Benedict’s handlers treating an iPad like a sacred object, and applauding as the papal index finger touches the screen.  The Pope doesn’t know his way around an iPad yet. […]

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