Pilgrim, See Your Path

Today, imagine a long, thin trail ahead of you. You see it disappear down distant hills, only to reappear on even more distant hilltops. This trail wanders to the left and then turns back on itself. It weaves over bare fields, down the Main Streets of small towns. It works its way through tall trees in one spot, tall buildings in another. In some places, the trail is dotted with many other pilgrims. Some talk […]

A Few Moments to Imagine

I offer a short meditation to take you into the weekend. Get comfortable and take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes. In your imagination, place yourself in a location that is comfortable and beautiful and where you feel safe. Notice that a person is walking toward you. As he draws closer, you realize it is Jesus. (Or, if you prefer, it’s Mary, the mother of Jesus.) Jesus smiles at you and then embraces you […]

Bethlehem Bound

We’re almost at Christmas. This video from Heart to Heart Ministry features Fr. Michael Sparough, SJ, inviting us to be Bethlehem Bound. Sparough says, “Let us come to wonder, to witness, the birth of this babe, the gift of our savior.”

A Eulogy for Jesus

This post is based on Week Seven of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. It was an assignment from my spiritual director, who suggested writing a eulogy for Jesus because of how close I became to him in my imaginative prayer. While some of this piece is not historically or scripturally accurate, the words express my experience with Christ in prayer. The setting of this particular reflection took place after laying Jesus in the tomb and before […]

The Birth of Jesus: Part of the Family Now

This post is based on Week Four of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. For this particular reflection, I’m sharing a raw journal entry. The following letter includes my thoughts right after my meditation on the birth of Jesus. Dear Lord, In my reflection today I discovered that I have to enter into my imagination; otherwise I’ll just be sitting waiting for things to magically happen. Lord, help me to use my surroundings and my consciousness as […]

Imaginative Contemplation with Pray-as-You-Go

Pray-as-You-Go has released the second in a planned series of imaginative contemplation exercises. Listen to it below; it’s the story of the woman with a hemorrhage. You may recall that’s the Gospel story that finds Jesus in a crowd, but asking “Who touched me?” when power goes out from him. An exercise based on Jesus and Zacchaeus is also available, and Jesus and Bartimaeus is expected next. If you’re receiving this via e-mail, click through […]

I Am Yosef

O Lord, I am Yosef. I am David’s son, heir to your holy promise to make of this people a great nation. But I am small and I am afraid. You have spoken to me in my dreams. I am where you have called me to be, here in this place of my ancestor’s birth, driven here by those who rule us and who will stop at nothing to build an empire that is not your own. And […]

Our Inconceivable God

“We are all searching, and ultimately—whether we know it or no—we are searching for God. Ultimately, we are searching for the Ultimate, and the Ultimate is God. It is not easy, searching for God. The fact is that we do not really know what we’re looking for or who we’re looking for. Almost a thousand years ago, St. Anselm of Canterbury said, ‘God is that greater than which cannot be thought.’ “Think about it. We […]

A Thought on Reverence

I recently heard that Fr. Jerry Fagin, SJ, is ailing.  He’s a Loyola Press author and a professor at Loyola University in New Orleans.  Here’s something beautiful he wrote about reverence, taken from this piece elsewhere on IgnatianSpirituality.com. I remember standing on the top of a mesa ten thousand feet high overlooking what seemed to be hundreds of miles of fertile land. I had an experience of amazement, of silence, of vastness, of expansiveness, of […]

Prayer of All Things

“The earth is the only road that can lead us to heaven. There is no other. And the earth is not an idea, an argument, an abstraction, or a concept. It is not even a law. It is a thing, a gigantic thing, a great tangled swarming mass of things; it is a universe. “And because we must be led to God by things, they have therefore within them everything that is needed for the […]

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