Christ Has No Body Now but Yours

Christ Has No Body Now but Yours - video screenshotIgnatian spirituality focuses on God at work in our world now. We try to unite ourselves with God by working with God to save and heal the world.

The beautiful prayer “Christ Has No Body Now but Yours,” attributed to Saint Teresa of Ávila, is worth a few moments of reflection. Watch our video as you consider how God has called you to do Christ’s work in the world today.


  1. U have just used this very beautiful prayer during a hospital visit and had the chance to speak to the nurses who were taking a break. Never will I forget the glow of their smiles upon hearing this prayer translated in our dialect. Earlier I also had mentioned to the patients that God’s answer to their prayers are the hospital staff attending to them with so much love and care. By the way, they are long timers in an orthopedic hospital. Thanks for the video.


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