Coronavirus Response Examen and Lesson

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Acknowledge how you are feeling in this moment. If being calm is hard, acknowledge it. If you find yourself frustrated or stressed, acknowledge it. God wants to be present in all parts of our lives—not just the easy or serene moments.

So begins a special Examen for Life During COVID-19. Susan Haarman shares this adaptation of the Examen to our current situation on the blog of the Ignatian Solidarity Network. It’s also available in Spanish. Find both versions here.

Then, to help schools and parishes provide continuity for their students and be constructively proactive no matter where children are spending their days, Loyola Press has created a special Coronavirus Response Lesson, downloadable here.

We pray for all those affected by the virus and those working to contain it.


  1. When I click on the screen to start the video in step 2 of the “Engage” part of the Responding to the Coronovirus Teacher Page, a video titled “Blessing of the Animals” appears. How can I access the correct video?

    • Joanne, thank you for your response. We understand how you may have thought the video link was incorrect. While the title of the short video is “Blessing of the Animals,” the central message of this video is taking care of ourselves and others, which is reflected in the body of the lesson. While the video provides a gentle and lighthearted reminder of the hygiene practices that help us stay healthy, the lesson can also be presented without the video.

      We hope this lesson, with or without the video, helps you meet the needs of those you serve at this challenging time.

      Denise Editor


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