Feast of St. Ignatius

Today is the Feast of St. Ignatius Loyola. Thank you for celebrating with us all month through 31 Days with St. Ignatius. Today’s link is What Surprises You About St. Ignatius? All 31 links will remain available for you if you missed any of the days.

Thanks also to those of you who are participating in this week’s Find Your Inner Iggy contest. Enjoy some of our favorite submissions.

Carmen V response to FindIggy

Mary Askren shares:

I had moved over 300 miles to start a new job only to discover my fundamental value system conflicted significantly with the organizational culture. When my supervisor gave me an ultimatum—get on board or get out, I opted to get out. Unfortunately, I had used up my savings to move and was not able to collect unemployment because I had left the position voluntarily. With no income and no cash reserves, I was more than a little afraid of what the future held. My parish priest gifted me with a weekend retreat, “Living in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.” On the first night, retreatants sat in a darkened conference room where the Blessed Sacrament was exposed. I sat without words and wondered whether I’d been foolish in quitting a job when I had nothing to live on. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, my heart opened and I surrendered completely to God and his will for my life. I knew without question that I was loved beyond anything I could imagine and all would be well. #FindIggy

Instagram user laurmik shares this photo and caption:

Sacre Coeur interior

#findIggy (late) Day 2: attending Mass as a non-Catholic at Sacré Coeur. The love was profound and palpable and really started me on my journey of faith.

Today and tomorrow still present opportunities to win, so use the #FindIggy hashtag for your chance to win Ignatian prizes. (Contest has ended.)

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