Find Your Inner Iggy 2014

Find Your Inner IggyFind Your Inner Iggy is back! For the final week of Ignatian celebration this July, we’re recalling milestones from St. Ignatius’s life and exploring our own spirituality some 500 years later.

Find out how contributors like Kerry Weber, Paddy Gilger, SJ, and Pope Francis have had similar experiences to St. Ignatius. Then share your moments on Facebook, Instagram, Vine, or Twitter—using the hashtag #FindIggy—for a chance to win Ignatian prizes from Loyola Press.

Visit to begin finding your inner Iggy this Monday, July 28.

Meanwhile, 31 Days with St. Ignatius continues with today’s link, Wisdom Days.


  1. Enjoyed reading Pauls’ story on finding you inner Iggy. Even though St Ignatius called the order Jesuits not Ignatians I am sure he would approve of your somewhat irreverent ” Find Your Inner Iggy ” as an effective outreach. When we have a smile on our face our hearts and minds become open and receptive.
    Had a friend who studied at a Jesuit school, not sure where it was. He told me about this clearing out in the woods where you could go if you were upset.
    There was a tree you could hug and yell as loud as you wanted and there was also a large tree stump you could stand on and say whatever you had on your mind.
    We laughed as he told the story about how nice that would be for everyone to be able to do that now and then. You could yell and scream, cry and laugh and no one would be hearing you.
    Then at the same moment we both said “but God was listening”.
    That was the whole point of the clearing/life. To realize we are not alone and that god is everywhere.


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