Finding by Forgetting

Something to think about | We must look for experience of the Spirit and for grace in the contemplation of our own lives. But not so that we can say, “That’s him. Now I know where the Spirit blows.”  That is not how the Spirit is discerned. He cannot be found by laying triumphant claim to him as if he were our possession and property.  We can seek him only by forgetting self. We can find him only in seeking God and surrendering self in generous outgoing love, and without returning to self. Moreover we must continually ask whether anything like that annihilating and enlivening experience of Spirit is at work in us, so that we know how far we still have to go, and how distant what we presume to call our ‘spiritual’ life still is from real experience of the Holy Spirit.

Karl Rahner, SJ
Prayers and Meditation


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