Helping Families Recover from Addiction: A Webinar with Jean Heaton

Helping Families Recover from Addiction: A Webinar with Jean Heaton - text with author photo and book cover

When addiction enters the home, recovery is needed for every member of the family. Join author Jean Heaton for a special webinar as she draws on personal stories and research to illustrate the connections between 12-step practices and Ignatian spirituality and how together, they can help families heal from the effects of a loved one’s addiction and move into a healthy and promising future.

Helping Families Recover from Addiction
A Webinar with Jean Heaton
September 7, 2022

Jean Heaton is a blogger, writer, speaker, teacher, and a workshop and retreat leader. Both her husband and son are in long-term recovery, and she has worked her own 12-step program for those affected by the addictions of others. Jean is the author of Helping Families Recover from Addiction: Coping, Growing, and Healing through 12-Step Practices and Ignatian Spirituality.


  1. Oh, wow! I have dealt with my own alcoholism and addiction for 20 years. I have had 8 yrs of sobriety and then 9 years of sobriety and now 5 years. My son and daughter and daughter-in-law have drawn boundaries off and on and not wanted to be in relationship with me. My daughter has attended Al Anon meetings and both of my children are alcoholics but are merely dry drunks. I have gone through Finding Christ in the World 12 week course. I’m attending AA meetings and ACA meetings and working the steps again. To have found this webcast with Mary Heaton and to learn of her book is an answer to a million prayers!!! This is one of God’s miracles! Thank you so much! Hollis

    • Danny, we’d love to have you join us! Please register using the form within the post above.

      Denise Gorss Editor


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