How Ignatian Spirituality Deepened One College Student’s Faith

Recent Marquette University graduate Emma Scuglik shares how she encountered Ignatian spirituality in college. Emma talks about the challenge of Ignatian spirituality and the benefits of reflection and discernment. She says, “I’m not expected to figure it out all on my own. This is a walk with God, and I rely on that in discerning where I’m supposed to go in my life.”

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How has Ignatian spirituality challenged you?


  1. Thanks for posting this lovely video. Ariel, I think Ignatian spirituality can help people of all ages, especially if they are going through hard times, like you.

  2. Thank you, Emma! I’ll be teaching a section of Intro to Religion at another Jesuit university this fall. The last time I taught it, I incorporated a couple of weeks on Ignatian spirituality; this time, I’m going to add your video to my Blackboard resource list!

  3. My three daughters graduated from Marquette. This brought back some wonderful memories and truly touched me. Thanks, Emma.

  4. Ignatian spirituality also appeals too older people. I am 66 and have been going through the life-changing events of forced retirement from a career I loved and spent 40 years in and serious health concerns. Ignatian spirituality is helping me battle self-pity and focus instead on my Catholic faith and opportunities to serve both parish and community.


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