21st-Century Ignatian Voices

In these early years of the 21st century, Ignatian spirituality continues as a popular form of spirituality for laypeople as well as Jesuits. People inspired by Ignatian spirituality today come from varied backgrounds and demonstrate the endurance and flexibility of Ignatian spirituality as a spirituality for all times.

Living Ignatian Spirituality Today

Working with Others
By David Fleming, SJ

Christian ministry should be viewed with a spirit of collaboration.

Magis-Driven Heroic Leadership Is a Daily Personal Pursuit
By Chris Lowney

Lowney describes what the magis can mean for leaders on a daily basis and how it can drive heroism.

Find Your Inner Iggy
Find Your Inner Iggy is a fun way to celebrate the feast day of St. Ignatius, with contributions from noted Ignatian voices and others on social media.

Find Your Inner Iggy Slideshows
To celebrate the feast of St. Ignatius Loyola, we asked people to reflect on quotes by St. Ignatius. Enjoy slideshows of inspiring reflections by writers including Margaret Silf; Greg Boyle, SJ; and James Martin, SJ.

Find Your Inner Iggy: Prayer
By Matt Spotts, SJ

Spotts shares a brief reflection on prayer for the Find Your Inner Iggy series, an annual social media celebration of Ignatian spirituality.

Find Your Inner Iggy: Imagination
By Margaret Silf

Silf says imagination can bridge the gap between what we perceive with our senses and the reality far greater than our rational minds.

Find Your Inner Iggy: Unlikely Places
By Greg Boyle, SJ

Boyle shares a story of finding God in this contribution to Find Your Inner Iggy, an annual social media celebration of Ignatian spirituality.

Find Your Inner Iggy: Decision Making
By Matt Malone, SJ

Malone reflects on the value of Ignatian discernment in making a decision.

Find Your Inner Iggy: In All Things
By James Martin, SJ

Martin says that Ignatian spirituality can be summed up by the phrase, “finding God in all things.”

Ignatian Teamwork (PDF)

By David Coghlan

What modern organizations can learn from the Ignatian practice of collaboration and teamwork.

Ignatian Spirituality and Leadership in Organizations Today (PDF)

By Alfred Darmanin

Lessons from Ignatian spirituality and Jesuit history for modern organizations. Themes include empowerment, accountability, globalization, and effective organizational structures.

More Than a Desk Job: The Spirituality of Administration
By Ann M. Garrido

Discusses how administrative work can be a path to spiritual growth and service to others.

The Christian Life Community (CLC): Looking Back to 40 Years of Deepening its Specific Identity (PDF)

By Daniela Frank

A review of the history of the Christian Life Community movement.

   Christian Life Community CLC USA
Ten-minute video introducing Christian Life Communities, focused on CLCs in Jesuit schools as a way to develop friendships and a deeper relationship with God. CLC members encourage each other along their journeys of faith by living out the values of spirituality, community, and service.

Biographies of 21st-Century Ignatian Voices

William A. Barry, SJ
Greg Boyle, SJ
Dean Brackley, SJ
John J. DeGioia
Mark Link, SJ
James Martin, SJ
Adolfo Nicolás, SJ
Gary Smith, SJ
Jon Sobrino, SJ
Joseph Tetlow, SJ

Works by 21st-Century Ignatian Voices

What Is Ignatian Spirituality? 
Read online the book What Is Ignatian Spirituality? by David Fleming, SJ.

God Wants Our Friendship
By William A. Barry, SJ

God wants our friendship and in order for us to trust this experience of God as friend, we must move beyond our feelings of fear of God.

People for Others Blog
People for Others is a blog by Paul Brian Campbell, SJ, for those who seek to uncover traces of our loving God in everyone and everything they encounter.

Compass Points: Happiness
Compass Points: Rules
Compass Points: Finding God in All Things
Margaret Silf shares Compass Points, hints for finding God in all things in daily life.

Exercises in Heroic Leadership (PDF)

By Chris Lowney

Lowney outlines what the Jesuit tradition infused by Ignatian spirituality can bring to a world in crisis. The Exercises and the Examen are important practices that can continue to inform the heroic leadership so needed in the 21st century.

Mary at Her Annunciation as a Model for Growing in the Virtue of Faith
By Gerald M. Fagin, SJ

In contemplating the Annunciation, we see Mary as a model of faith and are called to trust and openness ourselves.

Mary, the Hidden Catalyst: Reflections from an Ignatian Pilgrimage from Spain to Rome
By Margo J. Heydt and Sarah J. Melcher

On a 10-day Ignatian pilgrimage, the authors discover the great and ongoing devotion Ignatius Loyola had for Mary, the Mother of God. They comment on the importance of making this devotion more well-known to better facilitate the relationship between Jesuits and women.