In Praise of Spiritual Direction

A friend of mine recently told me how much he had benefited from working with a spiritual director.  He thanked me for suggesting he do it. I don’t remember when I made that suggestion, but that’s not surprising.  I recommend spiritual direction to many of my friends.

So thought I would do it here.  Spiritual direction has done me a lot of good, and I know many people who say the same thing.  Spiritual direction isn’t mysterious.  In a recent article in the Boston Globe, the Jesuit William Barry said he talks to people about what happens when they are aware of God, “and we just talk about that and see what the next step is, where that relationship with God seems to be moving.”

If you’re interested, you might browse through the spiritual direction area of


  1. I am a spiritual director and belong to a peer supervision group. Unfortunately I am the senior person and valued as someone who can help, but I have no director of my own. The pickins here are very thin, if at all, and wonder if you know of anyone who would be willing to take this on via telephone. I am reluctant to put my life on the web so e-mail would not do. Thank you in advance and God bless!

  2. Two years ago a Jesuit priest asked me if I would like to have spiritual direction. For the first year we talked about God in my life and then we began the 19th Annotation which will be completed by the end of June. This has been a transformative gift from God and I am so grateful to have a spiritual director. I can’t imagine what my life would be like now without this incredible gift.


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