Instructions for a Bad Day

“If you believe with absolute honesty that you’re doing everything you can—do more. There will be bad days…” says Shane Koyczan in his poem “Instructions for a Bad Day.” Watch the video version of the poem below.

Then think about that instruction to do more. In Ignatian circles, the idea of magis might be one idea that’s called for to counter bad days. Learn more about the concept of magis by reading Better than Your Best? or watching Jim Manney explain in the video What Does Magis Mean?

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  1. I agree with the person who said the loudness of the music and the speed with which the poem was read were impediments to understanding, and I think there was much here to understand.

    • The music was much too loud. Even reading the sub-titles was not too much help. What I could hear was very good, but I couldn’t hear much because of the music.

  2. I agree the music was loud and didn’t fit the content. I felt myself getting more tensed because of the crescendo of the speaker’s voice.

  3. Very inspiring and yet so frustrating as I can’t hear the WORD over the noise of the frenetic music of the WORLD in background. An excellent metaphor for
    Life as we presently experience it.


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