It's Supposed to Be Hard

I’ve been working on a tough writing project this summer.  People have been asking me how it’s going, and I tell them the same thing: It’s hard.

That brought to mind a great scene in A League of Their Own, one of my favorite sports movies.  Luckily, it’s on YouTube.  A little background.  The movie is about the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, formed in the early 1940s when many male players had left the game to fight in World War II.  Dottie Hinson is the star of the Rockford Peaches, and she frequently clashes with the manager, Jimmy Dugan, a former big league slugger whose career was cut short by his drinking.  One day Dottie quits.  Jimmy confronts her, and says . . .well, watch it for yourself.  (To watch the video on YouTube, click here.)


  1. I often say, “I don’t do hard well.”
    Struggles are never easy and the road we travel can be a tough one. I am learning.
    This is certainly a gentle reminder. Thank you.

  2. I hope “the hard” makes what you’re writing great! Thanks for both something to make me laugh and something to encourage me after a couple of weeks where I’ve been struggling with a two tough projects.


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