Look over the Expanse of Your Work

Those of us in the United States and Canada are celebrating Labor Day today. When you look back over your whole life, what work do you think will emerge in that view as the most meaningful and most influential? Think about that with today’s video reflection, courtesy of author and editor Vinita Hampton Wright.

If you’re receiving this via e-mail, click through to watch the video The Expanse of Your Work.

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  1. After retiring from years of nursing, I realized that I gave up precious time with my son and husband and gave more energy to my patients…I truly was a gifted nurse, yet I wonder whether I could have made better choices regarding my time and energies if I had consulted God more often.
    Maybe my son and husband needed more of me than I thought they did.

    • Dear Susan, be always confident that God’s hand has been on everything you have done in your life. It is for Him only, nor for you or your patients or family. Feel the Mercy of our Lord. God bless you.


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