Make an E-Retreat

If you can’t get away for a retreat this summer, you might do an E-Retreat with popular writer Jim Martin, SJ. Jim and his publisher have put together an e-book Together on Retreat which combines the traditional text of a prayer book with video, audio, and photography.  The author describes Ignatian contemplation and lectio divina, offers three passages from the New Testament for prayer, and shows videos and audios of the Holy Land.  The book is available in a basic version for simple e-readers and an enhanced version for iPads and other devices that support video.


  1. Would you believe: it is SO hard to find a Jesuit (yes, a Jesuit!) to direct a 19th Annotation retreat to a willing and able (me!) would-be directee!! I suppose I’ll have to resort to a book!
    God bless,


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