Never Alone

Holy Spirit doveWhat comforts me the most in my life is the fact that I am not left on my own to figure out things. One of the many things that Ignatian spirituality continues to teach me is that I am never alone. I am not alone in growing in my relationship with God. I am not alone in making any decisions. I am not alone in walking through both the joys of life and the heartbreaking moments of sorrow.

God is always with me, residing in my inner chapel that I carry with me wherever I go. God’s friendship and presence within me is an unshakable gift of companionship and one of the main reasons I can hope in the first place. I am never alone, because God is with me. I know and believe this in my bones because of my own experience of God’s presence in my life and also from the hours and hours of listening to people’s prayer experiences in spiritual direction.

In a time when we are often faced with growing isolation and loneliness, it is a relief to know that we are never alone. God is not simply always with us, but God is also not leaving us on our own to figure things out. The Holy Spirit is our advocate given to us “to teach [us] everything.” (John 14:26) As we are reminded in Romans 8:26, the Holy Spirit groans on our behalf, comes to aid us in our weakness, and intercedes for us when we do not know the words to pray.

What comfort to know that:

  • when we seek to grow in a relationship with God, the Holy Spirit is working with us in our steps forward.
  • when we are feeling weak, the Holy Spirit supports our efforts to overcome temptations.
  • when we do not know the words to pray, the Holy Spirit is praying with us and for us.

Take comfort in these promises of God, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, for we are not and never will be alone.


  1. Thank you, Becky:
    Your beautiful article has helped me as a great reminder that I am not alone. I am a widow who has trouble with many decisions that are causing me great anxiety. I realize that I, even as a child, tried to solve everything by myself. Lately, I am trying to turn everything over to God. It is a new way of thinking for me.

  2. I am at a retreat right now ready your beautiful. I want to be close to Jesus and hear him speak. I hope he talks to me during this retreat and that the Holy Spirit helps me pray too!

  3. A perfect reflection for me today, Becky. Thank you! When it comes to this lesson about God being close and engaged in my life, I tend to be a slow learner and a fast forgetter. For today, your wise words have put my thinking and believing back on the right track. Thank you!

  4. Decision making. “What do you want me to do, dear Lord?” Without this tool I am left to my instincts. I am left with the power afforded me by my ego. Such approaches have caused major blunders in my life. At my disposal was God. How fantastic is that? However, in today’s world, the idea that we can ask God what he wants us to do is rejected as crazy. Too bad. Bringing decisions to God for his guidance is a blessing that many folks are never taught. Should I marry? What should I do to make a living? What college should I go to? Help me Lord. Help me make the right decision. Ask God. Pray. The nuances to this tremendous resource can be an integral part of a spiritual education. We should seek out this wisdom. An answer to my prayers will be delivered. Thank you, Jesus.


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