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    writing in diary

    Praying Our Stories

    This post is based on Week Two of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. When I was in second grade, I kept a diary. It had a...

    An Ignatian Gift-Buying Guide

    Trying to discern appropriate Christmas gifts for my family is always an issue. How much is too much to spend? Do I need to...
    renewing prayer - water bowl

    Five Fresh Ideas for Renewing Prayer

    Prayer is a cherished time to come to know God and to reflect, yet prayer can become rote. Even if we do pray daily...

    Jesuit Collaborative Hangout

    The Jesuit Collaborative and America magazine last week hosted an “Ignatian Hangout” to talk about prayer. Moderator Jim Martin, SJ, invited participants to share their...
    looking up at sky

    Three Elements of Expressing Gratitude

    With Thanksgiving approaching, it might be good to take the time to look at gratitude from St. Ignatius's perspective. Gratitude is often diluted—a word...

    With the "Blessed”

    The stench of the mud hut with the tin roof that was home to a woman dying of breast cancer, her two children in...
    man on top of mountain

    Top Five Things I Want My Peers to Know about Ignatian Spirituality

    My life would be very different without St. Ignatius. Ignatian spirituality is where I feel most at home as a young adult Catholic. Ignatian...

    The Committee Rattling in My Mind

    There is a never-ending committee meeting that rattles in my mind. It sounds like this: Don't forget to pick up apples at the grocery store”¦.I...
    science globe

    Why a Scientist Finds Ignatian Spirituality Compelling

    About six months after I finished making the Spiritual Exercises, I was chatting with a couple of colleagues at the college where I teach....
    young man thinking

    Contemplatives in Action

    There was an old Jesuit vocation poster that showed a cartoon of a Jesuit with his nose in a book while he was sawing...