Ruts in Prayer Life

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Fr. Michael Rossmann, SJ, talks about how to get out of a rut in our prayer life by stretching ourselves through different prayer practices. This is an episode of Pop-Up Prayer, hosted by Joe Paprocki.

Fr. Rossmann is the author of The Freedom of Missing Out.

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  1. Romans 8:26-28 is deeply comforting when prayer seems difficult. When I consciously allow time lectio divina is also wonderful. Thanks Michael and Joe!

  2. So important to stay fresh and open to what the Lord has to say to you each day. I vary my Rosary with different ways of saying it. I find the scriptural rosary so beautiful and even though it takes longer, it is so worth all the time to contemplate the amazing mysteries of each day.I love saying it also online with Bishop Barron as he has the most beautiful artwork associated with each decade. Reading holy books and writings also keeps me fresh and open to new spiritual experiences as I grow closer to Jesus, Mary and the Holy Spirit.
    Thank you for sharing and may this inspire others to reach out from their normal routine and open new doors to their faith and growth towards our Lord.


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