Spiritual Writing and the Colloquy

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Eric A. Clayton, author of Cannonball Moments, talks about the role of writing in prayer. In a Pop-Up Prayer interview, he explains how he entered into the Ignatian colloquy through his experience of writing.

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  1. Thanks Eric. Writing makes sense. May be experts in the Ignatian way of proceeding some day may include ‘writing’ in the meditation on the ‘application of senses’. Perhaps.

    • Sandra, I’m not sure which article you’re trying to access. Perhaps the site search might be of help.

      Denise Gorss
      IgnatianSpirituality.com Editor

  2. Thanks to Eric and Joe. I like to write so a journal makes sense, if for that reason alone. However, I have resisted doing so. But perhaps Advent will be a catalyst!

  3. Similar process to Ira Progoff’s intensive journal dialogue process. See “At a Journal Workshop: The Basic Text and Guide for Using the Intensive Journal Process”, c 1975.


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