Success in God’s Terms

William Barry, SJWilliam Barry, SJ, writes for the Ignatian Volunteer Corps:

If we look honestly at the history of the world God is creating, we would have to say that God has not been particularly successful in bringing about peace on earth. If there were a board of directors in our modern sense for the Kingdom of God, God would be out of a job.

So how does God measure success? Read Barry’s thoughts in the full reflection.


  1. The synchronicity of the timing of your words with the events happening in our world is…perfect.
    Thank you, for your message of hope.
    Thank you, for helping us to broaden our limited human vision, to catch a glimpse of seeing our world through God’s eyes.
    And so…the Spirit moves!
    Thank you!

  2. I’m so grateful to receive Fr. Barry’s counter-intuitive wisdom today. Last Sunday’s Scripture readings have God saying, “My ways are not your ways.” It is indeed a slow, gradual, and certainly not linear process we go through to learn and appreciate God’s ways. That’s been true in my life. And I am grateful for the mustard seed-sized desire God has planted within me that prompted me to seek and open up to that long, slow process because it has made all the difference.


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