The New Atheists on YouTube

Fr. Robert Barron writes in America magazine’s new Books and Culture section about the response to his YouTube videos on the reasonableness of faith.  The reaction, at least according to the comments, has been overwhelmingly negative.

Most objectors show one one of four attitudes:  scientism, ecclesial angelism, biblical fundamentalism, and Marcionism (distaste for the supposedly violent and unforgiving God of the Old Testament). Here’s what he says to critics who ask him how we know how to read biblical texts properly:

I respond that their good question proves the legitimacy of the Catholic Church’s assumption that the church–that variegated community of interpretation stretching over 20 centuries–is required for effective biblical reading today. I ask, How do you know the difference between Winnie the Pooh, The Brothers Kara-mazov, the Divine Comedy, Carl Sandburg’s Lincoln and Gore Vidal’s Lincoln? Then I answer my own question: You have been taught by a long and disciplined tradition of interpretation. Something similar is at play in authentic biblical reading.

YouTube viewers tend to be young people.  Barron thinks that catechists and others who work with young people should be ready to discuss these objections.

Books and Culture is very interesting.  Put it on your surfing schedule.


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