Virtual Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

James Martin, SJ, invites you to go on a virtual pilgrimage to the Holy Land with America Magazine. Through daily videos posted on social media, travel to the holy sites from the comfort of your home or wherever you bring your laptop. Watch the video for details, and mark your calendar for April 19.

Update: The videos are now available on America’s Facebook page or through this site:


  1. Thank you, Fr Martin. I loved your book and I’m looking forward to the virtual pilgrimage in the Holy Land.
    Please pray for my spouse’s health, and the father of a colleague. I will also keep you and all the Jesuits, whom I admire greatly in my prayers.
    Kathy (Montreal)

  2. Hi Fr. James and Companions,
    Fantastic vignettes of the Holy Land clearly delivered on point and on message. Please pray for my sister Helen in Chicago(also on the virtual tour), a critical care nurse, who gave up her career to give 24X7 care to her seriously ill husband Wilfred.
    Bless you all – AMDG,

  3. I can see the ad for the tour, but haven’t been able to find the tour either here or on America’s facebook pg. HELP! Peace and prayers, Paul

    • Nicole, there is no need to sign up for the virtual pilgrimage. Videos are being posted on America’s Facebook page:
      Fr. Martin’s Jesus book is available through Amazon. His earlier book, My Life with the Saints, is available through Amazon or Loyola Press.

  4. What an inspired idea!! FANTASTIC! I’ve been wanting to go the Holy Land, but so many factors have prevented it. This is just the perfect solution for so many of us! THANK YOU!


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