Why Make the Spiritual Exercises?

The best way to savor the graces of Ignatian spirituality (usually) is to make the Spiritual Exercises. Opportunities to do this have greatly expanded in recent years. The most common way to make the Exercises now is a “19th annotation” retreat, named for one way that Ignatius Loyola himself offered the Exercises in the 16th century. This version of the Exercises takes about nine months, and involves a commitment to daily prayer and weekly meetings with a spiritual director.

This video gives some good reasons to make the Exercises. It’s a production of the Jesuit Collaborative, a project that promotes the Spiritual Exercises and the ministries flowing from them.


  1. I think the biggest challenge I face in doing the Spiritual Exercises is finding a Spiritual Director. There aren’t enough to go around!

  2. I think this is a good idea to broadcast about the importance of ” spiritual exercises” in our daily lives. I had a chance to join a seminar-retreat given by Sr. Doyle and it just stirred something inside of me and I would say that our world today needs the Spiritual exercises not be cause it’s Jesuits but because there is a process in the spiritual exercises that can be applied in the ordinary life. Thank you


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