Words of Wisdom

holding hand of an elder

What words of wisdom would you pass on to a younger person today?

If you knew you weren’t going to be around much longer, how would that change—or would it change—what you said to others and how you said it?

Which mistakes have you made that you would urge that young person not to make?

If you could go back in time, which dreams and visions of your younger self would you take more seriously and seek more tenaciously?

What have you done well in life, and how would you encourage someone else to do the same?

The fact is, we have much power over others—through our words, our example, our simple presence in a room or a life. Even if we are not speaking words of wisdom or encouragement, we are communicating volumes every day.

This day, pray for the ability to communicate to those around you—especially to people younger than you—the best things, the most important things, and the most loving.

Enjoy a video version of this reflection:

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  1. Thanks. Vinita you are great. We need to develop fearless minds. Even Pope Francis in his eighties goes up doing things and saying stuff without fearing fellow mortals.


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