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Examen Online

Examen.me is a new website that offers several ways of praying online that draw inspiration from the Daily Examen, the one form of prayer that Ignatius Loyola considered indispensable.  The site’s scripture examens are more like lectio divina prayer, but “its Prayer of Examen” is an online version of the classic Examen prayer.  If you register with the site you can keep a prayer journal there. There’s more on the Examen right here at IgnatianSpirituality.com.

Why Does Karl Rahner Have a Facebook Page?

He died in 1984, after all. But here it is. The great Jesuit theologian has 50 friends. I sent a friend request. Teilhard de Chardin has a Facebook page too, but, sadly, Teilhard has no friends. Or at least he didn’t when I wrote this. I sent him a friend request too. But I haven’t heard from either Karl or Teilhard. Karl and Teilhard must be keeping track of social media from heaven. Maybe they’ve […]

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