Finding Infinity Within

mystery - Northern lights

What makes us human is precisely our experience of the infinite, the fact that we are never satisfied. We are the subjects of unlimited longing, finding infinity not outside ourselves but within. We ask questions about totality and ultimate meaning, and by so doing find that we are asking the question about God. God and humanity are not rivals. One does not love God less by loving someone more; in reaching out to love another person, we are reaching out for God. To speak about love for God and love for human beings is to speak of the same reality. And in the experience of ourselves as mystery, we experience the absolute mystery that is God.

—Excerpted from Ignatian Humanism by Ronald Modras

3 Comments on Finding Infinity Within

  1. It is in experiencing God’s unconditional love for me and my loved ones that I find infinity within me. That even as I try to love him with all my heart, my mind, and my strength, I’m humbled by the realization that only his love is total, all encompassing, timeless, and is without any conditionality. I praise and thank God!

  2. Love is not possible without God. We are children of God, creatures of God’s creation which is the outcome of God’s abundant love for us. We were created by, for and with love. If we believe this, that we and all creation was created out of overflowing love, then how can we give anything else but love?

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