10 Secrets to Happiness According to Pope Francis

man playing with children

In a recent interview, Pope Francis shared ten secrets to happiness. The complete list is here.

Number four on the list is:

“A healthy sense of leisure.” The pleasures of art, literature and playing together with children have been lost, he said.

“Consumerism has brought us anxiety” and stress, causing people to lose a “healthy culture of leisure.” Their time is “swallowed up” so people can’t share it with anyone.

As summer stretches on, it seems a perfect time for evaluating our sense of leisure. How are you making time for leisure this month?

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    • Patricia, follow the link in the article above for the complete list from Pope Francis.

      IgnatianSpirituality.com Editor

  1. Pope Francis has a list of “happiness strategies” which cost nothing and provide everyone a chance to challenge their status quo. To play and keep Sunday’s as holidays-how many people even think to do this? How much more of a prayer these two actions would be instead of looking for the “quickest mass! To move through life calmly and to work for peace. What a beautiful difference peace among the religions would create! Schools could open,area’s rebuild, jobs restart. We could learn so much from each other instead of destroying the world we share.

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