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    Simply Advent - Simple Celebrations

    Simply Advent: Simple Celebrations

    We’re approaching the end of Advent, and even though you probably have your Christmas plans set, here are a few ideas for simple celebrations....
    Simply Advent - Simple Practices

    Simply Advent: Simple Practices

    We continue trying to keep things simple this Advent with suggestions for simple practices this season. Linger with the Nativity StoryThis seems simple enough, but...
    Simply Advent - Simple Encouragements

    Simply Advent: Simple Encouragements

    This week, plan to make a single phone call. Just one call, to one person you care about. The purpose? To express your appreciation...
    Simply Advent - Simple Prayers

    Simply Advent: Simple Prayers

    This Advent, I want to help you keep things simple. Each week I’ll share ideas for simple prayers, encouragements, practices, and celebrations. Today, as...
    Advent wreath - candles all purple

    The Familiarity of Advent

    During Advent we are surrounded by the familiar: the decor, the prayers, the devotional practices, and simply the rhythm of the days leading up...
    four candles

    Preparing Our Hearts in Advent

    I take pride in being prepared for anything. Advent is a time of preparation, so it should come as no surprise that I have...
    winter trees and snow

    Advent and Profound Silence

    Have you ever tried playing the quiet game with a child? The younger the child, the more likely you are to win the game....
    Arts & Faith: Advent

    Advent 2014

    As Advent gets underway, here are a few resources to help you enter the season. Arts & Faith: Advent invites you to explore sacred art...
    empty bench in winter at sunrise

    It’s Never Too Late to Enter Advent

    As I have so often written in this blog, my life is hectic, busy and frantic. I can now see that I seem to...
    An Ignatian Prayer Adventure online retreat

    An Ignatian Prayer Adventure: Week 6

    This week we follow Jesus in his public ministry. Each day we'll pray and reflect on a Scripture passage describing Jesus interacting with people....