A Meditation for Labor Day

The Call of the King is a meditation in the Spiritual Exercises that invites us to join Christ in his work of healing the world. Christ is a king leading an army, but he’s a leader who works alongside his troops. He says, “I want to overcome all diseases, all poverty, all ignorance, all oppression and slavery–in short, all the evils that beset humankind. Whoever wishes to join me in this undertaking must be content with the same food, drink, clothing, and so on, that comes with following me” (SpEx 93). (This quote is from the modern paraphrase by David Fleming, SJ.)  You’ll find the whole meditation here.

What’s your part in the work of Christ? You might take some time this weekend to think about the king’s call to you personally. This fine guided meditation about the Call of the King by Mark Link, SJ, may help you in your prayer.



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