A Prayer for the Church

Are you troubled by division in the church?  Frustrated by the church you love?  Pray this prayer along with our friend Jim Martin SJ.  (Click here to watch it on YouTube.)


  1. Thank God for the wisdom of the Church through the ages. She has always, and will always be standing when her enemies fall. It is painful to me to see how many Catholics are angry with the Church, and vocally so. It sometimes borders on intolerance. I especially am saddened by the vitriol Catholics have for Pope Benedict. I noticed that he was conspicuously absent from Fr. Martin’s chosen saints and popes, though John 23rd was there. We need to snuff out hidden agendas. We need to believe in the wisdom of our Catholic tradition, and always respect the teachings of our church. Though our church may be smaller in the future, it will be stronger. I pray that we always follow God’s word, and not “interpret” it to meet the needs of the world this moment. The truth will truly set us free.

  2. A prayer on point for our time. This so aptly spoke to how I feel and what is in my heart. I feel sometimes like I am watching my Church dwindle away right before my eyes and I am helpless.
    Two good reminders here: I am called to this Church and the Holy Spirit is and was our guide.

  3. Thank you, Fr. Martin, for expressing my concern and feelings with such wisdom. I have sent this to several friends who are also concerned because they love the Church but we know that our faith is in our Lord who will make all things right.
    Thank you, Jim, for posting this prayer.


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