Best Ignatian Songs: You Are My Vision

Discerning reader Andrew nominated the classic hymn “Be Thou my Vision” as a Best Ignatian Song. You’ll probably recognize it. I’ve sung it in church. I poked around the web a bit and found a version that you almost certainly have not heard in church. It’s by the Rend Collective Experiment, an Irish band. Be sure to notice the subtle use of a garbage can in the arrangement.

Lyrics here. Close the door and turn up the volume.


  1. Yes. God can be found in music, but sadly the music that is sung during liturgies in many of our churches is not at all worshipful prayerful or uplifting. As a musician myself, I grieve for the rich tradition of church music we have left in the dust only to be replaced by the likes of Owen Alstott and others who I fear are motivated by profit than the Spirit.

  2. I’m 62, and I feel so cool! I discovered RCE a couple years ago. My 9th grade Confirmation students really respond to them. “Second Chance” is another great one from that album.


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